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Used Transmission Sales and Installation

Used Transmission Sales and Installation | A&D Auto Parts & Repair - ad_usedtrans

Used Vehicle Transmission

Entire vehicle transmission system from used vehicles, wrecks, discontinued models, imports, salvaged vehicles, previous replacements, aftermarket purchase, low-mileage auction, or transmissions removed from scrapped vehicles. We have a large inventory of used car transmissions in working order from a variety of makes and models. We offer full-service and sales of our used transmission products.
  • Installation of used vehicle transmission
  • Used Transmission Sales
  • Used Transmission Component Sales
  • Installation of all used vehicle transmission parts

Top Quality Used Transmission Service

Used transmission installation can be cost-effective solutions to vehicle transmission malfunction. Our ASE certified technicians handle removal, proper installation and calibration of your used transmission. A & D Auto Parts is the one-stop auto transmission servicer in the Toledo area. We also sell used transmissions and transmission parts for a variety of makes and models.
You can visit our salvage yard and convenient pull your own used transmission from one of our hundreds of junked or scrapped vehicles or call us to check our used parts inventory. We update our entire stock of used transmissions so you can check for the used transmission model that your vehicle requires.