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Rebuilt Transmissions

Rebuilt Transmissions - A&D Auto Parts & Repairs - ad_transQuality Rebuilt Transmissions

A & D Automotive transmission specialists provide transmission remanufacturing services for a variety of vehicle makes with quality precision. We inspect, diagnose, and repair vehicle transmissions and install complete rebuilt transmission systems per manufacturer specifications. Our thorough transmission rebuilds ensure increased vehicle performance. A rebuilt transmission can be a quality solution to a transmission malfunction especially for newer model vehicles or vehicle otherwise in good working order. A remanufactured transmission will save you money and restore your vehicle transmission to reliable working function.
  • Individual internal and external parts inspected for damages and cleaned
  • Valve body disassembled, inspected, and cleaned
  • Check and Replace OEM Components
  • Soft parts replaced
  • Remaining impaired components replaced with new or quality functioning rebuilt parts
  • Adjusting, Measuring, and Transmission Calibration

Rebuilt Vehicle Transmission, Remanufactured Transmission, Transmission Overhaul

These service terms are often interchanged and are meant to describe complete transmission inspection, repair and replacement service resulting in a reassembled working vehicle transmission resembling the transmission of a gently used vehicle. Toledo Discount provides these services with expertise and delicate precision. Transmission overhaul or transmission rebuilds include at least the following services:
  • All internal and external parts cleaned and inspected
  • Valve body disassembled, completely cleaned, and inspected for damage or repair
  • Soft-parts replaced, bands replaced with new or relined bands
  • OEM components checked and replaced
    • Lined friction plates
    • Internal and external seals
    • Sealing rings
    • Gaskets
  • All remaining defective, worn, or substantially impaired components restored to working condition or replaced with new, rebuilt, or fully-functioning used parts
  • Transmission calibration, measuring and adjusting
  • Electronic power train components tested, replaced, and restored if applicable