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Transmission Service Toledo OH | A&D Auto Parts and Repair - ad_transTransmission Services

The ASE certified mechanics at A & D Auto Parts and Repair perform a variety of transmission services. We offer used transmission installation for many vehicle makes and models. Our recycled automotive parts inventory features many different transmissions that can be sold as is or installed into your vehicle at competitive prices.
  • Low-Cost Solution to transmission malfunction
  • Remedy for late model vehicles with transmission problems
  • Good solution for vehicles transmission malfunction history
  • Relative low cost with long term repair potential
We also specialize in transmission rebuilds and overhauls. Our service professionals perform thorough inspection, disassembly, cleaning, and part replacement on your vehicle transmission, restoring functional performance. A & D can accommodate all of your vehicle’s transmission needs including installing replacement parts, updating/maintaining your transmission, and installing a remanufactured transmission in your car or truck.
Transmission Rebuilds include:
  • Disassembly
  • Complete Component inspection and Cleaning
  • Soft-Parts Replaced
  • OEM Parts Inspected and Impaired Parts Replaced
  • Remaining worn, damaged or impaired parts restored or replaced with new, rebuilt, or quality functioning used components
  • Calibration and Measurement
  • Vehicle Transmission Performance Tests